Crazy Mass Brawl at Resorts World Casino

A huge brawl took place at Resorts World Casino in New York recently and all was caught on camera. Around 300 bystanders witnessed the whole event as it unfolded at the New York City racetrack and casino and it appeared that the overly long wait for frozen daiquiris was what started things off, however there are conflicting reports with some saying that it started over a woman.

The New York Post did however state that police had said that there was a good chance that the violence was gang related, and also added that shots were fired on the parking lot as the ruckus shifted outside, with a man being caught a few days later for that offence. It all happened at what was supposed to be a bit of a celebration as the Resorts World Casino opened a new bar, however the scene at the Aqueduct racetrack not far from JFK Airport quickly turned sour.

Several people were injured and at least 3 people were arrested as chairs were thrown and punches were traded and of course videos of the incident quickly went viral. A spokesperson for the popular New York casino was quick to state that, “The safety of our patrons is Resorts World’s top priority, and there is absolutely no room for this kind of behavior at our facility, we are reviewing all aspects of this unfortunate event and are fully committed to taking steps to ensure similar acts do not take place ever again.”

The fight broke out Friday night and on Tuesday the man who fired the gun was taken into custody after turning himself in. He has now been charged with possession of a weapon and attempted assault. The man, known as Jaquan Roberts was recognized on the video footage, and also by using a license plate reader at an exit to the casino.