Lawmakers Evaluate Legalizing Casinos in Tennessee

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Tennessee lawmakers are taking a look at the possibility of legalizing casino gambling in the state and the arguments for and against are doing the rounds. Representative Jason Powell introduced the resolution and says that the extra tax income raised by casino gaming in the state would go toward education and be pumped back into the community. The resolution can be voted on at the next legislative session in November.

The bill at present does not indicate where any new Tennessee casinos could be built but does call for a financial report to be created, to indicate how much revenue could possibly be generated by a move into real money casino gambling in Tennessee. Bill HJ R87 is loosely worded and seems to be more of an attempt to test the waters and to stress to those against gambling in the state that the money could, and would be well spent. Religious groups have already come out against the bill and the initial proposal pointing the usual 'problems' that gambling in the state could bring.

There's a similar situation in Georgia where legislators are attempting to overturn a state law banning casino gambling and they're looking to have an amendment question included on the ballot for November 2016. A recent poll suggests that 57% of Georgia residents would be in favor of casino gambling in the state which could provide up to $250 Million in added revenue for the state coffers.

Things are also heating up in Florida where Bill HB 1233 is being discussed. That bill, if passed, would see the building of 2 casino resorts in the state however opponents to that one are stating that it goes against Florida's family friendly reputation and could do more harm than good. In all 3 states we'll just have to wait and see what happens.