Cashless Slots Play in Nevada Casinos

When making regular purchases in stores, bars, cafes and restaurants then a huge percentage of us use plastic in the form of either a debit or credit card, in fact in the US today less than 10% of all financial transactions are completed with cash. In Nevada casinos however the story is a little different, in fact it's a lot different, with around 95% of all transactions made the good old fashioned way, in cold hard cash. Slots players in Nevada casinos have already seen one big change in the way they deposit money into slots, and that was the transition from coins to bank notes, and maybe they are about to see another as cashless gaming is here.

Sightline Payments are a Las Vegas based company specializing in what they believe is the future of casino gambling, especially slots play, and have developed a card that is linked to the casinos loyalty and rewards programs and also acts as a prepaid debit card. It's not quite as simple as inserting a debit card into the machine however and first the customer will have to apply for the card online, and then players may transfer money to and from the card and their casino club cards. Once the card is topped up and funded then the player inserts the card into the slot of choice and enters their PIN, similar to what players do now with players club and rewards cards, and they may top up their cards at anytime, after a 15 minute delay. Slots players may also set limits on how much they may spend and transfer and direct deposits from paychecks will not be permitted.

Bally Technologies who design a large percentage of slots in Vegas casinos are implementing this technology by the end of the year, and there's the possibility that this payment method may extend beyond slots and make the move to table games too, in fact that cards that Sightline are using are Discover Cards, meaning that as well as casino and slots payments, when loaded, they may be used anywhere that the Discover Card is permitted. It will take a while for players to switch from cash to cards, however it does appear that the age of cashless gaming is just around the corner.