Resorts World Las Vegas to be Opened by Genting Group

The Genting Group has been given a preliminary license by the Nevada Gaming Commission, and that license takes them one step closer to beginning the building of an 87 acre resort style casino on the Las Vegas Strip. This is a huge project and the specifications of the casino look simply astounding, with even the chance of a theme park being included, and the construction of the whole site would be taking place in multiple phases spread over a number of years. The first phase of construction alone is set to cost around $4 Billion and that will include 3,000 hotel rooms, 30 places to eat and drink and a massive 3,500 slot machines with the front entrance to the whole complex being a 4,000 seat garden and theater, however there's a whole lot more than that being planned.

Site development is already underway and other attractions will include a rooftop terrace and a 50,000 square foot aquarium with the first phase of building said to be lasting anything up to 36 months. The whole thing will be called Resorts World Las Vegas and it will be given an Asian theme with the shopping area looking a little like a Chinatown, with later phases incorporating a water park, more hotel rooms, restaurants and a huge convention center too. The Genting owned Resorts World properties can be found around the world including development in Manilla, Malaysia and Singapore, however the Genting business portfolio is far wider, holding companies such as energy production, plantations and property development. Perhaps the most bizarre side of the resort could be the possibility of a live panda exhibit and a permit from the Chinese government is required for that, however it could well happen as Christian Goode who oversees Gentings US operations stated that, "It's a complicated process,we're looking into it." Once fully operational it is believed that the new resort casino would provide 8,500 jobs and around 3,300 indirect jobs with tax revenue from the establishment expected to be around $155 Million per year.