Drunk Gambler Sues Las Vegas Casino

A drunk Las Vegas gambler is suing a casino after losing $500,000 whilst drinking heavily, claiming that the casino allowed him to continue playing although he was visibly inebriated. US businessman Mark Johnston said that he played for 17 hours and was served at least 20 free alcoholic drinks at the Grand Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, and under Nevada state law all casinos are not permitted to serve customers who have clearly had too much. Mr Johnston started gambling and drinking on the eveing of January 30th and didn't stop until the following afternoon, he then returned to his hotel room, waking up the following day with no recollection of what had happened.

Mr Johnston had originally been given $250,000 in casino credit and says that the amount was increased to $500,000 while he was drunk, stating that he was gambling in a 'blackout period'. He also says that, "Just picture a drunk walking the street and he's drunk, and someone pickpockets and takes his money from him. That's how I characterise it." The lawsuit states that "Mr Johnston, an experienced gambler, was dropping chips on the floor, confusing chip colours and slurring his speech badly, and he was unable to read his cards or set his hands properly," and the casino has yet to comment. Whilst Nevada Gaming Control are investigating the issue, one question on their minds and quite possibly the courts, may be whether Mr Johnston would have returned any winnings should he have won while playing in the same condition.