Has the Creator of Bitcoin Been Found in the US?

The creator of Bitcoin is a mystery, and one that many people would like to know the answer to. The name Satoshi Nakamoto has been credited with the acheivement, but no-one actually knows who this person is and many believe that it's a actually a fictional name. Newsweek however believe that they has uncovered then man behind the digital currency, with his real name being Satoshi Nakamoto, however he denies having anything to do with Bitcoin and claims to have not even heard of it until Newsweek reporters started asking him about it. However when Newsweek reporter Leah McGrath Goodman asked him about his involvement in Bitcoin his original statement was, "I am no longer involved in that and I cannot discuss it, It's been turned over to other people. They are in charge of it now. I no longer have any connection." Nakamoto then did a complete u-turn and denied any invovement at all, however after reporters spoke to his brother, they revealed that he informed them, that he would claim no knowledge of Bitcoin.

Nakamoto lives in Southern California and is a Japanese/American programmer aged 64 and is said to be a brilliant mathematician, indeed he fits the profile of a Bitcoin creator perfectly. He is reclusive and very modest, however it's believed by Newsweek that he has somewhere around $400 million in Bitcoin. There is however no absolute proof that he is the creator, with the only eveidence being an email thread between Nakamoto and the reporter in which she points to style of writing and punctuation that can be seen as similar to that found in the original Bitcoin proposal from several years ago. Until concrete evidence is provided or Nakamoto declares that he is the creator of the digital currency then this mystery, for the time being, remains unsolved.