Gambling in Airports Approved in New York

While many states of the US remain opposed to any form of gambling expansion, the state of New York is showing a little flexibility, and as well as being in the process of opening the doors to up to 7 new casinos within the state, there's also a proposal by the state senate to permit slots in airports. The proposal only recommends that slots be permitted in departure areas of international airports which means that with New York state borders both LaGuardia and JFK passengers will be able to get a little pre-flight slots action. Maybe this isn't such huge news however it does show a progressive attitude towards gambling in the state, much different to that attitude seen in others, most notably at the moment, New Hampshire.

Lawmakers in the state of New Hampshire on the other hand have long been against most forms of gambling, and a proposal that would have seen just one casino in the state built was voted against by a large majority. This goes against what a small majority of New Hampshire residents wanted, as a recent poll suggested that 59% wanted the casino in place. Neighbouring states are benefiting from regulated land based casinos and those residents of New Hampshire who wish to gamble are taking their money elsewhere, and the plain fact is that New Hampshire is losing out on that tax dollar. In just a few days it's clearly seen that there's a huge difference in attitude toward gambling of all forms in the various states, and those that accept and regulate are the ones that will benefit from valuable tax revenue.