What can you spot on the interactive map at Captain Jack Casino?

You don't see too many online casinos using interactive maps, do you? We think Captain Jack Casino is a first in this respect. However, when you see the pirating theme the casino uses, it makes sense they would go down this route.

When you land on their home page, you cannot miss the $11,000 welcome bonus offered by the side of their treasure chest. Underneath that, you can see the invitation to use their interactive map to find out what lies in wait for you on the water. We love the way the casino has gone all out with the pirating theme - we think it is one of the finest ways to engage an audience. It certainly worked with us!

Where will you start on the map?

You won't leave the home page when you select the link to view the map. Watch out for the little blue ship sailing around. You can't select this, but you can select various destinations on the map. Shipwreck Bay, Goldbeard's Bluff, Isle of Gold, Captain's Cove, Castaway Reef… there are lots of places to visit.

The great thing is that when you select a destination, the ship sails to it and leaves a dotted line behind it. You then see another page giving you information about part of the Captain Jack Casino site.

For example, Shipwreck Bay tells you about some of the pirate-themed slot machines you can try. Pirate Isle is just one of the available titles - watch out for others too.

From there, we sailed to Goldbeard's Bluff, where we found out about the Goldbeard slot game. There are always links you can select to play that game if you want to. You would then either sign in or sign up, according to your status.

Set sail for other delights too

The Isle of Gold tells us about some of the treasure in store for members of this casino. This reveals some hints about the chance to become a VIP at the site. VIPs can look forward to lots of great features while enjoying all the regular parts of the site.

Our journey then took us to Captain's Cove, where news of the delightful welcome bonus was revealed. There's a link that takes you through to the promotions page, where you can read more about this and many other promotions for members.

Finally, we set sail via the scenic route to Castaway Reef. This tells us the site does not want us to get stuck with a substandard casino. There is a message there encouraging us to play, giving us a chance to enjoy every moment of being on the site.

Are you going to set sail for some online gaming at Captain Jack Casino?

If you do, you can count on finding some superb reasons to play there. With pirate-themed slots, a five-figure welcome deal, and VIP delights to look forward to as well, it's easy to see why so many people have decided to sign up. Are you going to become the next new member to jump on board?