Roaring Twenties Bingo

Roaring Twenties online bingo was developed by the Realtime Gaming (RTG) software provider. Roaring Twenties online bingo varies from other bingo and online bingo games because this is a single player game. Usually in bingo players compete against each other to see who can get the most numbers in the shortest amount of time. In Roaring Twenties online bingo however, you get a certain number of tries to complete a pattern and get paid out a prize if you do.

Roaring Twenties Bingo Review: How to Play

There is one thing I should add before I continue with the rest of the review. Many online bingo players like playing this game because of its social aspect. They regularly hang out in the same bingo halls and make use of the chat function to congratulate each other on wins and catch up on gossip. Although everyone of these players would like to win, they choose bingo because it is a friendlier game.

Roaring Twenties online bingo, however, is for the player who only wants to win and is not after any frills. You can choose up to hundred cards per draw and even auto set the game to choose your cards in up to hundred draws. This means you can play ten thousand cards by just choosing these settings on your computer. You will only be able to see ten of your cards at a time, but will be able to see the rest when you scroll down. Make sure you choose the right cards though, as Roaring Twenties online bingo will not allow you to change any of your cards once you have chosen them. You can bet between one cents and five dollars per card.

RTG Roaring Twenties is 90 ball bingo with one extra bonus ball. The online bingo cards have twenty five numbers each arranged in a five by five matrix. The wild ball adds some excitement as it increases your chances of winning by being one of the numbers on your card.

Roaring Twenties Bingo Review: Progressive Jackpots

Roaring Twenties online bingo has 3 progressive jackpots. You have minor and major jackpots that appear at random. Then there is the big Maxi Progressive jackpot which will pay out a huge sum of money if you manage to tick off all twenty five numbers on one of your bingo cards.