Slots LV : How to Play & Win at Tri Card Poker

Playing sessions at the poker tables in online casinos tend to be lengthy, and bettors looking for a quicker option will want to give Tri-Card Poker a look. Tri-Card Poker is a fast-paced style of poker that involves only a three-card hand against the dealer, only two rounds of wagering, and a straightforward betting strategy that can reduce the house edge in the game by over 50 percent. The possibility of reducing the house edge makes Tri-Card Poker an exciting option for all online gamblers looking for a game with a low house edge and simple gameplay.

Poker at a Fast and Furious Rate of Speed

Tri-Card Poker is one of the fastest-paced poker variants to play online, making for exciting entertainment sessions. There are no other bettors at the table, allowing gamblers to play at the speed they prefer without raising, calling, or folding against other poker players. Watching the wins pile up is fun, but gambling at high speed can be tough on the bankroll; a simple strategy can help keep a bankroll from disappearing. Gamblers who want to learn more about playing safely and reducing the house edge will want to continue reading.

Ante Raise and Win

With only two rounds of betting, Tri-Card Poker is one of the fastest types of poker and one of the easiest. The game starts with the player betting the ante and the dealer dealing the cards; the player’s cards are face up at the deal, and the dealer’s cards are dealt face down. However, if the bettor dislikes the cards they receive, they can fold, losing the ante to the dealer. If players want to keep their cards, they put down a second wager equal to the original ante, and the dealer shows their hand.

A Qualifying Hand for the Dealer

To potentially win, the dealer must have a qualifying hand; this is quite similar to a Blackjack dealer holding a 17 or above. The dealer must hold a queen or higher in their hand to win, and if they do not, the player gets a win on the ante and a push on the raise. If the hand qualifies, the winner is determined; if the player wins, they will receive their prize; then it is determined whether the player gets yet another win for having one of the two strongest poker hands. Three of a Kinds pay four to one for the ante and raise, while a Straight Flush pays at a ratio of five to one.

Playing with a Pair Plus Wager

Players looking for a bit more excitement and the possibility of a big payday may want to consider the extra wager in Tri Card Poker, the Pair Plus bet. This wager allows for a win on one of five specific hands when players select the Pair Plus; bettors can win here even when the hand itself has lost on the ante and the raise bet. The better the hand, the larger the payout.
  • A Pair pays out at 1:1
  • A Flush pays out at 3:1
  • A Straight pays out at 6:1
  • A Three of a Kind pays out at 30:1
  • A Straight Flush pays out at 40:1
Players must remember that the win is only on the Pair Plus wager, and they must place the additional bet with the ante at the beginning of each hand.

Simple Strategies are the Best

While there are countless strategies for Tri Card Poker, there is one that is easy to use and reduces the house advantage dramatically. A player only needs to determine if the hand is Q-6-4 or higher and if it is not, the player should fold; they will also want to raise a hand of Q-6-4 or greater.

While basing strategy on the analysis of three cards may not seem very helpful, it reduces the house advantage from 3.17 percent down to an incredible 2 percent over time. The house edge reduction gives Tri-Card Poker one of the most negligible house advantages in the table games section of any online casino that offers it.

A Poker Game for Adrenaline Junkies

This fast-paced poker variant is not for everyone but slot players may find it a keeper, for it provides the same fast and steady pace that bettors find on the reels. More experienced gamblers will enjoy the low house advantage as this gives players a better chance of leaving the table with more than they had when they started. There are plenty of reasons for online casino players to get in on this incredible action, so start your Tri-Card Poker experience today.