Odds with Online Casino Games

Hitting it big at a casino, online or otherwise, typically requires a bit more than a great run of good luck. There are many ways to increase the winning potential on any given bet, but choosing the right bonuses and games may shorten the odds when it comes to scoring that massive win every gambler craves.

Use Bonuses to Fund Casino Play

Experienced bettors know that there are pros and cons to accepting casino bonuses, and players have to decide whether or not to take such offers for themselves. The selection of bonuses at Slots LV is generous, and both new and existing depositors can benefit from promotions.

Simply put, bonuses are a fantastic way to ensure that players have plenty of money with which to wager. While playthrough requirements do limit casino bonuses in some ways, promos allow gamblers to experiment with new types of games, playstyles, and strategies for wagering. Players can ensure that they agree with the terms of bonuses before accepting them, and careful planning can make promotional play a sound method of increasing the odds in online casino games.

Choosing the Right Games to Improve Odds

Gamblers have long known that some casino games have better odds than others, and determining which titles are the best choices for doing so could give players an edge. Find out more about blackjack, video poker, and progressives below.
  • Blackjack, the classic game of 21, typically has a house edge of two percent, but gamblers who employ an optimal strategy can reduce that edge to less than one percent. Blackjack, of course, is notoriously easy to learn and nearly impossible to master, making it hard to predict. Some experts suggest blackjack charts for bettors still learning to make those crucial decisions that make or break a hand. Experience in blackjack is, as always, the best teacher, though.
  • Video poker combines elements of table games with a slot-style mode of play that makes it a game of both skill and luck. Potential payouts in video poker games at Slots LV reach as high as 800:1, making it a game that can log plenty of big wins. Like slots, video poker games come with an RTP, also known as a return-to-player ratio, that players will want to consider when choosing a title. While RTPs typically fall from the mid-to-high 90s, the higher the percentage, the better when it comes to this theoretical number describing the value of wagers returned to players in the form of winnings. Again, like slots, video poker players may want to improve their odds of the top payout by betting the max when it comes to the number of coins on the game, regardless of coin size.
  • Progressive slots are an intriguing way to wager, as most gamblers know slots are generally not the best bet for their buck. The inclusion of a progressive jackpot, however, is a game-changer regarding slots. To create a progressive jackpot, the casino takes a part of every wager and adds it to an ever-growing pot that someone eventually wins. Slot players often need to meet a minimum wager or another requirement to qualify for progressive jackpots, but the payoff may be one that they'll never forget. While progressive slots typically won't trigger the jackpot unless a player hits a specific combination of symbols on the reels, progressive card games often require a particular hand and a minimum wager for the win. Bonuses come in handy for slots and sometimes even table games, but some offers may exclude progressives.

Ready to Chase Casino Wins?

Gamblers who are ready to see what kind of effect blackjack, video poker, progressives, and bonuses have on their casino odds can start playing today at Slots LV Casino. Offering a host of promotions, including a generous welcome bonus for both Bitcoin and regular depositors alongside a fantastic array of games, Slots LV is a win for every player.