Best Online Pokies

New online bettors have a wide range of slot titles to choose from, and finding the best game can be difficult for any player. Many things can help gamblers find that perfect slot, and that fact should be taken into account when choosing. The country the player lives in first determines what casinos and slots are even available to that player; some countries have looser laws regarding online gambling, but many have restrictions that limit the casinos and games available to a bettor in that country. Once a player has found a casino, there are five things to consider when choosing a game.

Choosing the Best Theme

There are many different styles of slots for players to choose from, regardless of where they reside. The theme used the most is an Egyptian style, including many long-time favorites such as A Night with Cleo by Proprietary Games. Animal lovers have many different titles to choose from, including The Exterminator by developer Betsoft; the title is perfect for someone who enjoys watching an animal, a raccoon, in this case, getting the best of its human adversary. Chinese mythology has become a prevalent theme in recent years, and games like Choy Sun Doa have beautiful graphics in red and gold.

Finding the Right Developer

While many players dismiss the importance of the company supplying a slot title, bettors looking for specific features may want to take a closer look at what each provider has to offer. Developer Betsoft is one of the top providers in the industry and has some of the most incredible graphics found on the reels, leading the pack in new and innovative gameplay. Players who enjoy games with progressive jackpots will want to check out the Mega Moolah Slots Network created by another top developer, Microgaming. Players in a festive mood can play one of the many holiday-themed titles available, such as Rudolph's Revenge or Witch's Brew.

Understanding a Slot's Return to Player

Return to player, or RTP, is one of the more critical aspects to consider when choosing a slot, but many players skip this, thinking that it is too technical an aspect to understand. RTP tells a player how much of the money wagered on a machine will return to all players; this is no guarantee of wins, but it can help bettors find the slot title with the best potential. Another aspect that many players ignore is volatility; this may provide information on how often a game hits. A game with low volatility will hit often, primarily small amounts, while high volatility means that the title hits less often but for more significant wins on average.

Choosing Based on Bankroll

Gambling is considered a form of entertainment, and many people play with a budget; this is the smart thing to do, so bettors should know that some games are better for those with small budgets or big bankrolls. Penny slots are an option for those with a tight budget and provide excellent entertainment value. Players can extend small bankrolls by taking advantage of the many different promotions that most casinos offer.

Chasing the Progressive Jackpot

Slot bettors who prefer to play titles with a progressive jackpot have plenty of choices, but some progressive jackpots are better than others. The Lightning Link Progressive by developer Aristocrat gives players multiple titles to choose from and has occasionally been to be one of the biggest progressive jackpots to be awarded. The Mega Moolah Progressive may have fewer participating titles than Lightning Link, but it can still pack a punch. One young man discovered this when he won what was, at the time, the largest progressive jackpot ever, when a Mega Moolah progressive jackpot awarded him over 52 million times on his mere $0.25 wager.

The Perfect Slot is Out There

All the information a bettor can find on slot titles is immense and can be overwhelming for some. Players looking for a specific game aspect will want to focus on that first. Players looking for progressive jackpot titles and those searching for the best penny slot play can find a long list of options. Most of all, playing online slots should be fun, and bettors who take the time to find the perfect slot game for themselves are more likely to enjoy their time wagering online.