Bad Strategies: Disadvantages Revealed

If you have not mastered the basics it's not a good idea to rely on counting the cards, this is one of the serious mistakes that many new players to Blackjack make.

Beginners are very easy to spot, and they are watched, the dealer is in a good position to be able to spot a beginner and capitalize on their naivety. Players that don't know the basic strategy are in a vulnerable position and could lose a lot of money due to inexperience and insufficient knowledge of the game. Knowledge is power and utilizing your knowledge helps you to keep ahead of the house. Apart from knowing the basic strategy, you need to be aware of what is happening, how other players body language can also give away clues on their hands, but the dealer is the one to watch at all times. The dealer also has to beat the players; therefore they need to be careful not to go bust if possible.

Learning when to stop

This is one of the mistakes many people who play Blackjack make, the keep trying to win when their luck is against them. When on a losing streak people tend to be guided by their emotions and often play badly when they are losing, the result is they lose even more because they are desperate for that win. To be good at Blackjack requires you to have a clear head, be calm and able to think rationally and not emotionally. When you are losing, move away from the table and take a walk, calm yourself down and take time to go over the basic strategy in your head. When you have control over your emotions and able to think rationally then return to the game with confidence and calmness, you will be surprised to find yourself playing better.

Don't set unrealistic goals

Keep your goals realistic and maintain a clear head, you need to learn to be objective when making decisions about hitting or standing. Don't try to force the hand in your desperation to win, that's when you make irrational choices and end up losing your money. Some players also set goals for the amount they plan to win each day and when they don't reach that goal or target, then they play recklessly and lose even more.

Set limits to how much you will play

A sensible strategy for any game of chance is to set a realistic limit to the amount of money you could lose in any one session or day. If you find you are losing then it's sensible to stop and plan for another day, if you have not lost all your money, you can replace it back in your pocket or if you can afford it add it to the next day's play.