Poker Bet

Poker Bet is a brand new game at Bovada Poker casino which is exclusive to the casino only. This game can be played for fun or real money and is found in the specialty game section of the casino. At first glance you may think that this is a simple and easy to play Poker game based on the Texas Hold'em version of Poker but in actual fact apart from it being simple to play there are not that many similarities with a regular game of Poker. In this game you can place bets at any of the three hand stages of the game and you can also choose to occupy more than one seat around the table, there are six seats to choose from. The odds in the game are all fixed and you can increase and decrease the value of your bet depending on the hand that you have.

Regular Poker Game with a Twist

The game starts as any regular Poker game where you can choose a position or positions around the table, there are six seats in total around the table. Once you have chosen your seat the first set of cards are dealt, these are called the hole cards and comprise of two cards which are dealt face up. You are aiming to get the highest hand at the end of three rounds which will give you the best odds. The odds are fixed according to each value of hand which is ranked from Royal Flush down to pairs just like a real poker game. After the first set of cards are dealt which are known as the hold cards you can decide if you want to place bets and the value of the bets. All of the bets placed are fixed odds bets and as soon as you choose the value of the bet that you want to place the casino will calculate exactly the value of the fixed odds that are offered. In addition to the bet on the final hand that you are hoping for you can also bet on the winning turn card color or the suit of the winning turn card. Once you have chosen the value of your bet to be placed and have received a calculation of the odds which is given in a pop up box at the side of the screen you can confirm the bet and then proceed to the next level of the game.

Three Different Betting Options

The next level of the game is called the flop, this is an additional card which is turned over and after it has been turned over you can place additional bets in the same way. All of the bets remain fixed odd bets which mean that you can see what you can potentially win at any stage of the game. Poker Bet is very systematical and all of the odds and bets are detailed in clear and easy to understand grids at the side of the betting green. The last stage of the game is known as the river. Before the final card is drawn for each hand you can place an additional bet which gives you the opportunity to increase your winning chances if you think you are going to hold the winning hand. Playing Poker Bet is great because you are not limited to one hand only in the game and also you can place bets up to three times with each bet giving fixed odds. In other words there are no tricks and secrets in this game, it is all there for you to see and choose from and provides some great entertainment in addition to excellent winning opportunities and of course hours of fun. Poker Bet can be played for fun or practice at Bovada Poker Casino.