Lincoln Casino’s $30,000 Winner Plans to Buy Designer Handbag with Prize Money

Long-time Lincoln Casino regular, Theresa C., had a streak of luck when a recent visit to the online casino netted her $30,000 in a single gaming session. While it is unusual to see that size of a win that does not involve a jackpot, Theresa used a betting strategy and a bit of good luck to accumulate the money with wins on three of her favorite games. While she plans to pay off some debt and leave some in her casino account, Theresa also plans to purchase a designer handbag that she has wanted but thought she could never afford.

A Relaxing Evening with Three of Theresa’s Favorite Titles

It started like many other evenings; Theresa was unwinding after a stressful day at work by spinning a few reels at the popular casino. The lucky lady played 20,000 Leagues Slots, Eastern Dragon Slots and Dragon Master Slots on her way to the cool $30,000 payday. Dragon Master has been her favorite game for some time, but became even more so after winning the bulk of her $30,000 in the title. Theresa prefers the WGS games that Lincoln offers its players; some of her other favorites include Arctic Queen slots, Winter Wonderland and The Last King of Egypt Slots.

Biggest Win Yet

While Theresa admits that she has had many successful betting sessions at Lincoln Casino, this is by far her largest win at the casino. An excited Theresa told her VIP representative “Never in my life have I won so much! I play all the time and win a little now and then. Once, a long time ago, I had a pretty big win, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d win this much in one night!” The first person Theresa thought to tell was her brother, who initially thought she was playing a prank.

An Honest Answer about Spending the Winnings

When asked, most people say their jackpot proceeds will be put away for a child’s education, used to pay down debt or put in the bank for a rainy day. While Theresa intends to pay off a small amount of debt and put some in the bank, there are a few things that she wants as well. The big winner plans on purchasing a designer handbag that she has coveted for a long time that she never thought she would be able to afford and a high-end coffee maker; she also plans to leave some in her casino account as she really enjoys playing after a long day at work.

The Happy Staff at Lincoln Casino

Theresa isn’t the only person excited by the $30,000 she won at the casino; the staff at Lincoln is always glad to see a player snag a large win. Especially when the winner is a long-time regular, “Teresa’s been playing with us for a long time,” said Ryan Wilson, the manager at Lincoln Casino. “We all know her and we’re all really excited for her!” Anyone interested in a chance to win big like Theresa may want to visit Lincoln Casino to take advantage of a 200 percent welcome bonus and 50 free spins on the popular game Cool Bananas Slots. Theresa is proof that a large payout is always a possibility but bettors need to spin so that they too can get the big win.