Eastern Dragon Slots

Capture a taste of the Orient when you play Eastern Dragon slots. This isn't a complex or difficult slot game to master. There are 20 paylines, so your chances of winning are impressive. Bets start at a penny, so you can easily activate all paylines without spending a ton of money.

There are a few bonus features in Eastern Dragon slots. This game is pretty basic with whirs and bells representing traditional slot sounds. Symbols include lotus blossoms, fish, paper lanterns, and more fitting images, but it's the dragon wild that's most worthwhile. More on that dragon later.

The bonus features don't involve any input from you. Yet, you'll find the bonus winnings can be substantial, and that's why so many players flock to this game.

Dragon Wild Bonus

The dragon wild only appears on the first and fifth reels. Sometimes, it seems like it takes dozens of spins before you even spot him, other times it's like he's permanently affixed to the reels. This makes the chance of winning the bonuses seem slim at times, but stick with it.

He helps change symbols other than the scatters, so you stand a better chance at winning when he does appear. In addition to turning losing paylines into winners, there are two additional bonuses involved. The first involves his appearance in a winning payline. Every time that happens, the prize doubles. Your 3,000 prize for five fish could easily turn into a substantial 6,000 coin prize. The dragon is also very important if he appears on both reels at the same time. When that happens, you'll win free spins.

Free Spin Bonus

Once the free spin feature is triggered, you earn 15 free spins. That's pretty impressive, but it's the 3x multiplier that comes with the free spins that is really rewarding. If you're lucky enough to win the top prize of 3,000 coins with five fish, it triples to 9,000 coins. On a $10 wager, that's $90,000 in cash you could win.

Visit a WGT Casino

To play Eastern Dragon slots, head to your favorite Wager Gaming Technology casino. The games are designed to entertain and reward, and you'll love the generous promotions. Whether you're a new player or have been playing with the casino for years, check their bonus and promotions page to find out how you can earn free cash before you play the bonus slots, specialty, table, and video poker games offered by WGT.