Bovada Casino Player Strikes it Rich

Online gaming enthusiast, Jonathan B. of Texas, walked away from his Bovada Casino experience with a great deal of cash. Jonathan's big win came when he landed an amazing hand in Caribbean Hold 'Em, a poker-like table game at the casino. The jackpot, worth a staggering $119,348, was the latest in a long line of recent progressive wins.

How the Win Happened

For those who don't play poker, an ante allows you to "buy in" to the hand; once the ante is paid, players receive their cards. Should the given cards and the cards that are dealt to the group during the "flop" offer the potential to create any poker hand, which could range from a simple pair of cards all the way to a royal flush, the bettor then has the opportunity to raise his or her wager to see what cards are dealt in what is commonly referred to as the "turn". Finally, the last of the cards dealt, known as the "river" allow gamblers to raise one more time before the winner of the hand is determined.

After offering up the required ante of $25, Jonathon saw the cards that he was dealt and raised his wager by $50. Once the flop was revealed, the player knew that he didn't have to worry about the rest of the cards that would come down throughout the course of the hand, as he was already sitting on a royal flush; while this may not seem all that exciting to online casino gamers who stick strictly with slots, poker players will understand that holding a royal flush after the flop is not only incredibly rare, but unbelievably exciting. While the dealer's hand qualified, it was simply not strong enough to compete with the exceptional hand that Jonathon held.

Typically, a royal flush in Caribbean Hold 'Em offers a payout of 100:1, but Jonathon made a good choice when he made a side bet on his hand; this side bet allowed him to cash in on a much, much larger prize than he would have otherwise. The side bet that Jonathon made was a tiny one; by placing just $1.00 on the progressive jackpot, a win that would have paid out a tidy $7,500 suddenly became a far more significant win that totaled nearly $120,000.

Cashing in on Huge Prizes

A recent string of progressive wins on slots and other table games, including Jonathon's big win on Caribbean Hold 'Em, has rekindled a serious interest in online casino play of all kinds. While there are no guarantees when it comes to gambling, those who have recently scored these exciting wins would probably give other players one piece of solid advice: If you don't play, you can't win. Get started on your big win at your favorite online gaming establishment today!