Texas Man Takes Home $45K from Miami Club Casino

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and that fact was driven home for Miami Club Casino player Gerry M. of Dallas after scoring himself an incredible $45,000 jackpot while playing the Ultimate 10x Wild Slots Slot. From the first spin to the landing the win, Gerry now has a fantastic gaming story to share with his family and friends.

Watching the Win Unfold

There are a wide range of ways to win when playing slots; whether in the base game, the bonus round or through a progressive jackpot, there are fantastic ways to land prizes when hitting the reels. In the case of Gerry M., the win transpired after switching to the 3-reel Ultimate 10X wild slot from a game that wasn’t going well for him. Betting the maximum of $15 per spin, Gerry landed a few minor wins and had less than $400 in his casino account when he saw a single dollar sign alongside two of the game’s 10X Wild symbols, creating a win that offered a 45X multiplier; worth $225 initially and multiplied by 100 for the second 10X Wild symbol, the prize quickly became $22,500. However, neither Gerry nor the game were quite finished with this miraculous spin.

Taking Bravery to the Limit

Gerry M. took the notorious bravery of Texans to the absolute limit after scoring $22,500 on his 41st spin in Ultimate 10X Wild Slots. In fact, Gerry’s next move was the stuff that casino fantasies are made of; after hitting the “gamble” button and creating a double or nothing moment on the reels, Gerry realized that he had indeed double his prize. The feature took the $22,500 win and turned it into an incredible $45,000 payout. According to Miami Club Casino manager Linda Hernandez, it is rare to see this kind of bravery among casino players. “It takes some nerve to stake that kind of wager on a double or nothing, we don't see that very often.” Hernandez went on to say, “That's the type of moment where you wish there was a way to have everyone stand around and collectively hold their breath... then cheer when the result is positive!”

Gerry M. himself took a somewhat casual attitude about the way in which is win unfolded, saying that “Sure there were a few seconds when time kind of stopped, waiting for the wheel to stop spinning. I knew there was a lot on the line but the way I look at it, it's not my money, it's the house money. If it works, it works, and I've had a good day. If it doesn't I just don't tell anyone! Fortunately, this was my day! I'll take out some and keep playing, this place has been good for me so far!” Not only did Gerry M. courageously put his win on the line, he did it with style, grace and humility.

Big Wins Could Happen to Anyone

Players considering a visit to Miami Club Casino may find that Gerry’s win inspires them to take a few risks on the reels in hopes of scoring their own massive win. New real-money bettors at Miami Club can look forward to a 100 percent welcome bonus worth up to $100 on each of their first eight deposits; worth a total of $800 in free casino cash, this is a great way to get started at the casino. Returning players will also find reload bonuses, monthly tournaments, rebates and an excellent rewards program.