Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Ultimate 10X Wild Slots, the second installment in the Wild X Series of slot games from WGT, is now available, and online casino gamblers will certainly be glad that it is. Offering plenty of classic entertainment, fantastic multipliers and a progressive jackpot, this game is something that will keep players spinning the reels for hours.

Budget-Friendly Wagering

Players who enjoy spinning the reels for real cash will find that betting in Ultimate 10X Wild Slots is an easy process. The 3-reel, 1-payline game allows gamblers to choose from coin sizes that range between $0.01 and $5.00, and those who wish to maximize their bet may wager up to three coins per spin; the maximum bet for the game is $15.00 per spin. While there is plenty of prize potential for playing just one or two coins, those looking for the ultimate win will want to make the three-coin bet.

Traditional Symbols with a Twist

Players will see conventional slots icons on the reels of Ultimate 10X Wild, including bells, sevens and bars, among others. However, the real excitement in the game’s symbol set comes in the form of the 3X and 10X icons; these provide a payout worth 3X or 10X the bettor’s stake, respectively, and two 10X symbols pay 100X the original wager. Of course, a 3X and a 10X icon on the game’s payline will pay 30X the bet, and any combination of the two in all three reel spots will result in a jackpot of 7,500, 15,000 or 22,500 coins for a one, two or three-coin bet, respectively. With such potentially huge payouts, it is clear to see why players love spinning the reels in the Wild X Series of games.

The Gamble Feature and Progressive Jackpot

Ultimate 10X Wild Slots boasts a gamble feature that allows players to attempt to double their prize after any win on the reels; this could result in quite a large win, considering the size of some of the payouts in this game. On top of the exciting prizes available in Ultimate 10X Wild, players can look forward to a progressive jackpot. This particular jackpot has to be awarded by the time that it hits $10,000, though, which means that it pays out on a fairly frequent basis.

Go Crazy with Ultimate 10X Wild Slots

Gamblers who are ready for a break from the complex world of 5-reel games with multiple facets will love the simple, classic entertainment on the reels in Ultimate 10X Wild Slots. Considering the fact that the game has a gamble feature, great payouts, a progressive jackpot and a fantastic theme that embraces the idea of winning loads of cash, it is clear to see why Ultimate 10X Wild has quickly become a favorite of gamblers everywhere. Check it out today on your PC or mobile device for your chance to wager and win.