Agent Cash Slot

In December of last year, Rafaella D. of California scored over $100,000 in winnings at Liberty Slots Casino in a series of big wins on the classic Agent Cash Slots . Most people would assume that their luck had run its course, but not Rafella, she decided to have another go at the title during a recent visit to Liberty Slots. In an amazing turn of events, Rafaella struck again, this time to tune of $375,000 on a single spin of the reels.

Did Not Cash Out All Of The Winnings

Anyone who knows the beginning of this adventure knows that Rafaella won her $100.000 in a series of four lucky visits to the casino during the Christmas to New Years holiday of last year. While the big winner did the wise thing and removed most of the winnings from her casino account into her bank account, a small amount of the original winnings were still in her account at Liberty Slots. Rafaella used the winnings to pay down some debt and have an enjoyable holiday season, the exact thing most players would do in the same situation.

Returning To Liberty Slots And Agent Cash

When Rafaella returned to Liberty Casino and Agent Cash, she had only one goal in mind, the 5X Wild symbol on all 15 spaces on the reels and the ultimate prize. Rafaella making each spin a nervous moment for her husband, who winced every time the wheels were spun at $10 per payline, making each spin cost $300. Rafaella said, " This is the first time I've ever felt like a real high-roller. My husband kept wincing every time I pressed the Spin button, 'That's $300 bucks' he said, but I had belief and now look at us! We'll be able to pay off the house, take a trip, get a new car -- we're good for a few years.” Mark Ramirez, a Liberty Slots manager, was again excited by the Lucky Lady Slots 's latest win and said, "This is very exciting for Rafaella; we're all very happy for her. We always knew Agent Cash had the 'license to thrill' and it certainly stepped up this weekend."

Liberty Slots Offering Free Spins To New Players

Liberty Slots Casino is currently offering new players who make an initial deposit at the casino 50 free spins on the always popular Funky Chicken Slots . This 5-reel, 25-payline title includes a scatter that can award up to 12 free spins and a bonus game that awards instant cash prizes. For those who wish to explore more of the options that the casino offers, there are great deposit bonuses at Liberty Slots for players who want to boost their bankroll at the casino.