Agent Cash Slots

Some secret agents are all about the crimes, but Agent Cash slots is more about helping you find plenty of cash with five bonus features. Agent Cash is pegged as the Ultimate Spy Slot Game, and that's not a false promise. This game has everything, action, James Bond-style music, and plenty of prizes and bonus features.

With 30 paylines, there are more ways to win than you might imagine. Bets start a penny, so you don't have to risk a lot if you want to activate all paylines. The top wager of $10 leads to a $300 max bet, suitable for high rollers who like to make riskier wagers. It's the bonus features that truly rock.

Agent Cash Pick a Bonus Games

When the reels stop with three bonus (blonde woman) symbols on the first, third, and fifth reel, the bonus round begins. Click one of the symbols and your prize is revealed. You might win cash, free spins, or the "Pick or Die" message that leads to a secondary bonus game.

This secondary bonus only occurs when you've activated all 30 paylines. During this bonus game, you're shown a grid of 30 items. Chose them and wait for your prize to be revealed. You can keep choosing until your pick reveals the stop symbol.

Jackpot Bonus

There is a man wearing a happy face eye patch. If you're lucky enough to get him five times on an active payline, you win the jackpot bonus that's worth up to $100,000.

Free Spin Bonus in Agent Cash Slots

After winning free spins, there are two new symbols that appear only in these free bonus rounds. The Free spin symbol rewards you with additional free spins if it appears at least three times during a spin. There's also an exploding wild that only appears on the third reel. When it shows up, it changes up to 15 symbols on the screen for you.

Vertical Wild Bonus

The Vertical Wild Bonus in Agent Cash occurs randomly during regular game play only. Note that if the bonus or jackpot symbols appear anywhere on reel three, they eliminate any chance of the vertical wild appearing. When it occurs, one or more of the five reels become expanding wilds. You never know when this feature might appear.

Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses

Play Agent Cash slots and enjoy plenty of bonus features, but that's not the only way to earn a bonus. WGT casinos all offer welcome bonuses, no deposit rewards, and special offers for VIP players. Make sure you look at the casino's promotions page before you make a deposit.