Lucky California Woman Ends 2017 with a Bang

A long-time player at Liberty Slots Casino recently went of the winning streak that may end all winning streaks; Raffaelle D. of California won more than $100,000 over the course of the last 11 days of 2017, giving her a great start to 2018. Raffaella has been a long-time bettor at Liberty Slots Casino and what is even more amazing is that only one slot title, Agent Cash Slots , gave Raffaelle the biggest winning streak that has been seen online in a very long time or it may be the biggest.

Starting Small Finishing Large

Raffaella has been playing Agent Cash Slots for its exciting bonus and big win potential; it is a favorite of many players at Liberty Slots and other casinos. It started on December 21 when Raffaella hit for $8,500, her biggest win on Agent Cash to that point; she continued her slot adventure on Christmas Day and received a nice tidy present of $11,000. With a sense that something even bigger was around the corner, Raffaella spun the reels on December 28 and won the biggest prize in the winning streak which was $60,000.

Agent Cash Slots a Favorite of Players

Agent Cash is a popular 5-reel, 30-payline slot that is played by many players at Liberty Slots Casino. The title features exploding wilds, a free spins scatter and two distinctive bonus games. The game has a jackpot that is worth $100,000 ; all lines must be played in order to have a chance to win it. The first bonus game is a pick’em of three cards; bet ors can win cash, spins or trigger the second bonus game that has some serious winning potential.

Excitement for Everyone Involved

“I can’t believe it, after all this time, I got lucky!” “I justed sensed it was worth sticking with it!” said a very happy Raffella. “I’ve already received some of the winnings! Getting these checks in the mail is like having a job, except you don’t have to work” Liberty Slots Casino manager Mark Ramirez was just as enthusiastic about Raffaella’s big wins. “This was an incredible series of wins for Raffaella! It just goes to show that it can payoff to keep playing when you win, you never know” Liberty Slots Casino has had many jackpot and big winners since inception, but t.this winning streak is one that many at the casino and especially Raffaella won’t ever forget.