One Lucky Player Rings in a $3,000 New Year

New Year’s Eve is a time when most people celebrate with friends and family or by enjoying a luxurious night on the town as a couple. A 56-year-old woman known only as Rennita spent the evening home alone but she had more to celebrate than the holiday. After placing $50 in her account at Jackpot Capital Casino , she spent the evening playing her favorite title, Triple Twister Slots . While Rennita has been spinning the reels online for approximately 10 years, her sister, who also plays online, had turned Rennita’s attention to the game and Rennita had been playing it exclusively for a while.

Great Timing

By the time the clock struck midnight and the New Year had begun, Rennita had amassed over $3,000 in winnings, and the lucky streak could not have come at a better time. Rennita was temporarily and possibly permanently out of work; she hadn’t received a regular paycheck since the holidays had started and was unsure if her position was going to be eliminated. She had chosen to play at the casino as one last splurge and the timing couldn’t have been better. Rennita won’t be spending any of her winnings on extravagant purchases, however, instead opting to use the money to pay her rent and car note.

It’s All about Time

Rennita credits her success with using casino bonuses to extend her playing time and having more chances to hit the big win. “Make sure you get a matching bonus when you make a deposit. It’s a big plus!” Rennita said,” You can play longer and get more chances to win. I find slots often heat up if you play them awhile.” Currently, players at Jackpot Capital Casino can use the bonus code “YOURFUTURE” to receive a 100 percent match on deposits of up to $150.

Happenings at Jackpot Capital

Jackpot Capital Casino is currently holding the $130,000 promotion, Welcome to the Future, which gives players a chance at free bankroll on Mondays and Fridays for the duration of the promo. On Mondays, the bettors who have done the most wagering may receive up to an $800 bonus and all players have a chance at the random award of a total of $5,000 on Friday. The casino is also well-known for the progressive slot jackpots that can sometime reach $1,000,000 and more.

A Winning Destination

Rennita knows better than most that Jackpot Capital Casino is a great place to score an awesome bonus and a big win; all online players should at least stop by the casino and take in what it has to offer at any given time. Jackpot Capital hosts RTG software, including the new and popular Sweet 16 Slots ; the game has the new Morphing Symbols feature that is causing a stir in the industry. Jackpot Capital Casino is a great choice for those who prefer a gaming establishment that is ever=changing and does not rest on its laurels or past accomplishments.