Cafe Casino Sees Life-Changing Win at Let ‘em Ride Table

Let 'em Ride is becoming a popular favorite at casinos for bettors who prefer the interaction that table games bring to their online casino experience; the game is a single hand variant of poker that allows for bet changing at three points during the play of a hand. Recently, at Cafe Casino player, Jason M. from Wisconsin U.S. won over $1.5 million when he drew the hand every poker player dreams of hitting at the tables, a royal flush. Having made an initial ante bet of the maximum $500 the table allowed and making the maximum raises allowed as the hand unfolded, Jason M. found himself $1,591,500 wealthier for the effort.

An Excited Casino Staff

A manager at the casino was quick to celebrate the win, "It's life-changing moments like these that really make what we do worth it" said George Mallory, "We couldn't be happier that we've had a hand in creating another millionaire. All the best to Jason and here's to providing more opportunities like this one to all our loyal players." The news of a big win drives traffic to a new casino and gives players a feeling of excitement in knowing that though it hasn't happened to them, it really does occur and gives other bettors hope that their turn may be next.

The History of Let 'em Ride

The game was introduced to casinos in the 1990s as an alternative to the Hold 'Em Poker tables that were becoming clogged as the popularity of that style of poker and poker in general skyrocketed. The game created some noise at the outset but the popularity waned, much like most other forms of poker began to after the initial rush. The game has recently started a comeback as those who enjoy poker but feel their skills as a player may not keep up with the game's regulars are choosing instead to compete with the house because the house advantage is much easier to determine than the skills of the other players at a table and provides an option for those who may feel intimidated at the tables whether they're online or at a land-based casino.

Welcome Bonus at Café Casino

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