Play Slot 21

Slotland and Win A Day Casino are proud to announce the release of Slot 21; the newest game for the developer and casino combines slot play with blackjack to create a completely unique experience. The 5-reel, 21-payline slot game boasts a wild, bonus rounds and a progressive jackpot. Casino enthusiasts will be excited to play Slot 21 as it combines slots and blackjack, allowing players to enjoy the two most popular casino games in just one title. Blackjack fans who do not play slots may want to take a look at Slot 21 as the game includes a progressive jackpot.

Your Slot Game is in my Blackjack

The slot portion of Slot 21 resembles any other available title with five reels and 21 paylines; the odd number of paylines reflects the blackjack influence in this game. A wild symbol, two bonus games and a progressive jackpot round out the slot half of the title. The progressive jackpot is a great addition to a game already packed with excitement; players should note that in order to qualify for the progressive they must wager $5 or more per spin.

Your Blackjack is in My Slot Game

The two bonus rounds are where the blackjack influence is the strongest; the Red & Black Bonus Game and the 21 Bonus Game are both based on the fundamentals of blackjack. The Red & Black bonus game is triggered when the red/black icon appears on the fifth reel; bettors can then choose to play the bonus round or decline. The Red & Black game wagers the winnings from the last spin; a match must be made between the red and black sign with the high card. If the match misses, the player loses their winnings from that spin and the game continues. If there is a match, the player then doubles their money and chooses to play again or take the prize.

Playing Blackjack with the 21 Bonus Game

The second bonus game, 21, is played when the J, Q, K, and A have all appeared on the reels once and all four of the corresponding icons are lit. This offers the chance of winning 2X to 200X the initial wager and the multiplier is chosen randomly and appears in the 21 cash balance. After that, it is simply a basic hand of blackjack; if the player is closer to 21 than the bank, the bet is doubled and if the dealer wins the bet is lost and the game returns to the reels.

Two Great Games that Play Well Together

Combining card games and slot machines is not groundbreaking, but Slotland has found a way to make the joining of the two casino legends seamlessly. The blackjack bonus games do not feel forced into the slot or steal the excitement of playing a slot machine. The game is uniquely balanced and may be one of the more intriguing, exciting new slot selections available at the start of the new year.