Secrets of a Geisha

Secrets of a Geisha slots has so many bonus features, you'll find yourself hooked. Inspired by Japan's geisha girls, the 25 pay line bonus slot dishes up a bundle of symbols that include paper fans, kimonos, sandals, geisha, and the decorative parasols they carry.

Of course, the geisha girls offer true appeal. They do so by triggering two of the bonus features. When they appear at least twice on a line, you'll win a cash prize worth up to 300 times your bet. Three or more reward you with 10 free spins and tripled prizes during those free spins.

The fan is a wild that doubles your winnings when it helps form a winning combination. It also dishes up the top prize of 4,000 credits. Even if you don't win the biggest prize, you can make your lower prizes very rewarding with the gamble feature that doubles your winnings if the card you pick is higher than the dealer's.

Play Secrets of a Geisha slots today and set your sights on one of the big prizes. Whether it's free spins where you win a bundle of cash in a hurry or the big win of 4,000 credits, you're certain to find a smile on your face after some time with Secrets of a Geisha.