Kung Fu Rooster Fun Begins in July

Right on the heels of RTG's June release of Cash Bandits 2 will be the July release of Kung Fu Rooster . The very busy developer has a history of incorporating Chinese mythology and other Asian histories onto the reels of the games that they so carefully create. The series of games that will contain Kung Fu Rooster has proven to be popular with players all over the world and RTG has no intention of ending that amazing series anytime soon.

Similar Titles Enjoying Massive Popularity

The slots in the flavorful, original Far East series have gained favor among players rapidly, and the quick release of the games have created a certain momentum that gamblers have come to expect from the developer. Bettors from every corner of the globe are looking forward to the release of Kung Fu Rooster and any other Asian mythology-themed RTG slots that may be on the table for future release. RTG proudly holds the honor of being one of the most prolific slot developers in the industry; recently releasing the immediately, wildly popular Purrfect Pets Slots shows the company's commitment to fully utilizing the features of HTML5 coding. RTG also releases a large number of mobile games, usually at the same time that the games become available on more conventional platforms, which ensure that the titles that players love most can literally be played anywhere and at anytime; as most online slot enthusiasts know, mobile gaming requires only a data or wifi connection to play. Many casinos in the industry and players around the world expect the sequel to Cash Bandits, Cash Bandits 2, to be an even larger success than the original once it has been released in June.

A Steady Stream of New Slot Titles

For the last two years, RTG has been releasing new slot games more quickly than other developers without once compromising on the quality of the titles or the standards of the company. From the casinos putting the software to use in their gaming establishments to the players who are spinning the reels, RTG users rarely experience any sort of disappointment when it comes to online gaming.

Not Slowing Down

RTG appears to have what is left of 2017 scheduled out for the slot titles that will be released to players, and the developer is keeping the gas pedal to the floor when it comes to designing, marketing and releasing new games. There is no need for RTG to let up as long as the quality of the new releases remains as high as it has always been; Kung Fu Rooster is set to meet the standards of players and casinos even as the industry considers whether or not the title will fall among the greatest in the series to which it belongs. Very few companies can consistently release excellent games as quickly as RTG, which is one of the factors that drives the company's ongoing success.