Purrfect Pets Slots

Dog lovers should not overlook developer RTG’s latest slot, Purrfect Pets Slots, as there are just as many adorable puppies as there are cute, cuddly kittens on the five reels of this 25-payline game. Purrfect Pets offers a progressive jackpot and a scatter that can award up to 10 free spins with a 2X multiplier. While Purrfect Pets was designed for those with smaller bankrolls, the volatility of title increases with an increase in wager, making this an option for bettors who like high-risk, high-payout slot titles.

A Menagerie of Puppies and Kittens

Symbols on the reels of Purrfect Pet Slots include many things that come with pets; collars, food dishes, pet food, and pet toys. The bonus game can be triggered by three matching puppy scatter symbols; it can also be triggered by three kitten wild symbols that appear in a payline on the reels. The kitten wild can be used to replace any symbol but it cannot be used to replace a puppy scatter symbol. While this title may fall at the higher end of the cute scale, it is a bit more gender neutral than some games with similar themes.

Wagers That will not Break the Bank

Purrfect Pets Slots is a 5-reel, 25-payline with coin sizes that vary between $0.01 and $1; this gives the game a bet variable of $0.25 to $25 when all 25 paylines are wagered. Players with small bankrolls will be able to enjoy longer gaming sessions at $0.25 spin. Bigger bettors will increase their chances of hitting the big payday on this game but should note that higher wagers make this title more volatile but increases the chance for a really big win.

Two Ways to Trigger the Scatter

Purrfect Pets features a scatter that can award up to 10 free games on the reels; the free spins come with a 2X multiplier to all wins in the scatter round. This may not seem like much to some slot players but it is unique in that there are two ways to trigger the bonus round. Three or more puppy scatters on a single payline will start the free spins round. What makes Purrfect Pets different is that the scatter can also be triggered by landing three kitten wilds on a payline. The symbols are not interchangeable, a player must have all puppies or kittens for the bonus to trigger.

An Adorable Option

Purrfect Pets definitely lands high on the adorable scale but is still a good option for all players regardless of their gender or tolerance of all things cute. The graphics are will done and the title offers players with small bankrolls a chance at a progressive jackpot without taking out a new mortgage. With two ways to trigger the scatter, Purrfect Pets is a bit different than most titles and gives players a better chance at free games; the progressive jackpot will keep players coming back for more.