Dollars to Donuts

The phrase "Dollars to Donuts" started as a more polite way of commenting on a bet with short odds or an event or outcome that was almost a certainty; which makes it a great fit as the title of Rival Gaming's newest slot release of the same name. Dollars to Donuts Slots will be released by Rival later this month and is quite different from the developer's more recent releases, Diamond Dragon and Wishing Cup, and has returned to the roots of slot titles with their latest game with a more traditional 3-reel slot.

Rival Continues to Release 3-Reel Games

Rival may be the biggest name in a list of slot developers who still create and release 3-reel slot games on a regular basis. Dollars to Donuts will be the company's first 3-reel slot of 2017 after releasing Diamonds & Cherries, Five Times Wins, Mega Wins and Ten Times Wins, which were all considered solid releases for slots with three reels in 2016. Many developers have abandoned the 3-reel genre of slot games, if they ever made them to begin with, due to a lack of interest from most modern online players. Rival however, continues to release this style of game for players who are more traditional in their game selection and players who are discovering the smaller games after playing games with five and in some cases, more than five reels.

A Conventional Style with a Modern Feel

While Rival continues to make the games with the sevens, bars and stars approach, the addition of donuts creates a more modern look to the latest release. With five paylines, instead of the usual one or three, Rival has created a title that more new players may choose to take a look at. The largest paying symbol before the wild is a giant pink donut that will remind players of a beloved television character's favorite food and can pay on only two matching icons as well as the usual three. The wild symbol is an explosion of cash and donuts and gives the game a more varied look than most three reeled titles; it is quite obvious that unlike other developers who still produce the smaller, more traditional games, Rival considers the creation of these titles just as important as the rest of the company's releases and remains dedicated to this sub-genre of casino games.

Always Moving Forward

Rival Gaming has yet another year of exciting releases for players to look forward to for the rest of 2017 and it's a good bet that there will be more 3-reel slot titles in the mix. Rival is on the cusp of dominating what may be a small section of the online betting market but one that the company has proven time and time again can be a profitable one with a little creativity and hard work. Players who still enjoy this style of game should consider casinos who offer Rival powered games, as the company gives no sign of slowing down in creating this style of slots.