Check New Secret Symbol Slots

No developer has been as successful as RealTime Gaming has been since the end of 2016; with a streak of well-received titles that have earned positive reviews, RTG is now preparing to release Secret Symbol Slots, a game that is expected to bring the company even more kudos. The archeologically-based title will draw from ancient history and use imagery similar to the many Egyptian-themed slots that already exist.

Under Lock and Key

RTG is keeping information on this game to a minimum as its release date has not yet been announced. What is known is that the game will be released sometime after the mid-February release of Megaquarium; interestingly, Megaquarium has also been causing a stir online since late November, when its eventual release was announced. RTG has recently found a formula with title releases that has players and insiders both excited for not only the newest release but also for one or two scheduled releases in the future. The developer has been turning over new games at a one a month clip for most of 2016, with each release creating a bigger stir than the title before it.

RTG’s Recent String of Success

While many in the industry cannot agree when the developer’s streak of winning titles began, most concede that RTG’s early fall unveiling of Witch’s Brew and Sweet Sixteen mark the beginning of the company’s recent successes. Snowmania was released to help players celebrate the holiday season and the excitement ramped right back to a high level with the release of the long-awaited Fucanglong Slots; while the odd name drew early interest, the well-formed theme and excellent gameplay kept slot players coming back for more. The quickly approaching release date of Megaquarium may cause even a bigger stir than any of the others with its 50-line excitement that has bettor’s anticipation at a fevered pitch.

Pushing the Gas Pedal to the Floor

RTG is already preparing for the release of Secret Symbol Slots, even before the release of Megaquarium, but is keeping details of the game hidden. RTG has been withholding some information about these games until what can be considered the last possible moment and has become much more secretive about details of titles, creating a great deal of speculation among gamblers and casinos alike. Many believe that the secrecy is related to the popularity of the recent releases and RTG’s desire to get the most out of each title before the game is released. Others simply think that the such a tight-lipped approach is a large part of the excitement over what the company will release next. If RTG keeps launching games match the high quality of its most recent titles it will not matter who is right as players and casino embrace the games with feverish enthusiasm.