Slot 21

Some online bettors insist on keeping with one activity of choice; it may be slots, poker or any other of the many table and specialty games that are available in online casinos. `Other players crave a little variety in their online play and rotate between two or more games of choice. The development team at Win A Day Casino has created Slot 21, the newest hybrid slot game that incorporates Blackjack into slot play, making an enjoyable game for those who like both blackjack and slots.

A Standard Deck of Cards

Many slot games use a playing card-style setup for the lower paying symbols in many titles; a slot based on a card game that only has four playing card icons may seem a bit strange, but the reels are home to more traditional slot icons such as bells, fruit, gold bars and sevens. The icons on this 5-reel game are rendered simply but are done in bold colors, giving the game a very bright look. The Red Black symbol triggers the scatter feature, the cartoonish A, K, Q and J trigger the bonus game and the jester’s hat is the wild that can replace any symbol except the scatter feature and bonus game symbols.

Slot-Style Wagering

Coin size varies from $0.01 to $4, giving the game a very large betting span; featuring 21 paylines, much like a traditional slot, the game also gives a nod to blackjack by choosing 21 for the number of lines available. This makes a potential bet spread of $0.21 up to $84, making this a great alternative for penny bettors and those who bet big on each spin. This is the kind of game that doesn’t take a large bankroll to enjoy and that lets all players in on the fun.

Blackjack Bonus

The Red-Black scatter plays much differently than other scatters; when it shows on the reels, a cash prize is given and the Red-Black feature begins. To the right of the reels, the Red-Black icon will choose red or black and the A, K, Q and J symbols will flash until the player hits the spin button. If the color of the icon matches the color chosen below it, the scatter prize doubles; bettors can continue the feature until the symbol does not match and the player loses all prize to that point or the gambler can hit the collect button after any spin to take the winnings. The face card symbols are also used in the Blackjack bonus round; when a bettor lands an A, K, Q or J on the reels, the corresponding icon lights up on the right. When all four symbols are lit, the player will have the chance to enjoy a game of Blackjack with the machine; a Blackjack win for the slot takes the money in the 21 box and a win by the bettor doubles the prize, allowing the winner to play again or take the reward.

Slot 21: Worth the Time

The scatter and bonus features can seem a little confusing at first, but taking the time to learn how the game works is worth it as the title is unique and engaging. Those who like to make wagers at the Blackjack table between slot sessions will find this game an immediate winner and those new to the card game can learn how to play with less risk to a bankroll. Slot 21 is visually appealing and offers great gameplay to those who are interested in learning exactly how the game’s unique features work. Check it out today for your chance to play and win.