Banana Jones Game

The online slot development world has grown quite large is a relatively short period of time and the competition for casinos and bettors is strong for developers and many, including Real Time Gaming, are creating and releasing titles that do not use the traditional format for slots. Banana Jones is the latest attempt by a developer to move away from what is considered a typical slot formula with reels and bonus features and giving bettors more choices in betting opportunities at online casinos. Banana Jones is a board game inspired online game of chance that may one day be considered a trailblazer in creating wagering opportunities that are just as fun, if not more so, than most traditional slot games. The online betting landscape is large but is still considered quite young versus land-based gaming in casinos and the release of games like Banana Jones signals that developers are already experimenting and creating fresh new betting opportunities.

Helping Banana Jones Find the Crystal Banana

The intrepid hero in this game is Banana Jones, a pink monkey that has decided to attempt finding the lost temple that contains the crystal banana that contains an immense power and keep the evil Leopold the Leopard from getting it and using it to gain control of the world. As Banana Jones’ mortal enemy, Leopold the Leopard has gathered an army of vicious snakes to aid him in keeping Banana Jones from getting to the crystal banana first.

Reminiscent of a Favorite Childhood Board Game

Many players will immediately notice the game’s resemblance to a childhood favorite, Snakes and Ladders, one of the first board games that children learn to play. Instead of spinning the reels, bettors choose a wager option and roll the dice in an attempt to climb up to the top of the board and reach the finish at the top while avoiding the numerous snakes on the board that can thwart any advancement by sending the competitor back down towards the bottom of the play area. There is much more at stake in Banana Jones as every wager and roll of the dice can result in a monetary win or loss for the player.

Betting on the Pink Monkey

As mentioned above, bettors place a monetary wager before each roll of the dice in hopes of climbing to the top of the play area via the dice roll and possibly advancing using one of the many ladders that can be found on the board. Players have multiple options in the size of each bet and while the size of the wager has no effect on the odds of winning, a larger bet will result in a larger monetary win for the player. Banana Jones has a maximum prize of 2,565 coins, making this newest game by RTG a great opportunity for a massive payday. Banana Jones is most decidedly not a traditional slot title but still makes for an exciting betting option and a great alternative to more traditional reel-based games.