In the last year, many developers of online casino games have started to look outside the traditional three or five reel slots and Cubee Time Travel Adventure may turn out to be one of the more successful titles. The use of a protagonist and antagonist in a game of chance isn’t seen very often but Cubee makes it work by including a storyline for our intrepid little Cubee as he travels through time defeating his enemies giving players the potential for the big win.

An Amazing and Cute Hero

Cubee is the protagonist and his goal is to defeat the bosses that inhabit three different time periods; once the boss has been defeated in the Stone Age, Age of Piracy and the Viking Age, Cubee finds himself back in Cubeeland, where Rocco cannot enter. In Cubeeland, the player receives the free spins and multipliers acquired in the Piracy and Viking with no weapons appearing in the game, making it easier for a bettor to win big.

Energy Balls and Weapons

When the play button is used, eight items will appear from the void and these can be energy balls, weapons and enemies. The energy balls are used to give Cubee the strength needed to defeat Rocco and his four minions, Bones, Casper Lucifer and Spike that also appear through the void. The weapons also appear the same way as the energy balls and the four minions of Rocco; the cannons are found in the Piracy Age and the bow and arrows are found in the Viking Age.

Free Spins and Multipliers

After a bettor completes the Viking Age, they are sent back to Cubeeland where they are awarded the free spins and a multiplier based on the number of weapons found in the Piracy and Viking ages. With no enemies to deal with, this round does not require weapon, giving players a chance to score a big win in Cubeeland. Cubee shows that there is potential in the online casino market for unique games of chance that do not use reels, some may see Cubee as a little childish and immature but others will find this to be a breath of fresh air.