T-Rex 2 Slots

When developer RTG released T-Rex Slots, the creators believed that they had built a solid game that would provide great big win potential; once T-Rex Slots released it did not take long for the creators to realize they had a runaway hit on their hands and began planning the sequel T-Rex 2.With the release date set for September 25, many players are excited to see the improvements and changes that RTG has given the anticipated sequel.

The Original Still Provides Great Potential

Until the release of T-Rex 2, players may want to give T-Rex Slots a revisit or play it for the first time if they have not yet done so. The 5-reel, 24-payline slot game boasts a pick-me style bonus game that awards up to ten free spins for each item picked. With T-Rex, these are eggs that can be found on the reels and three or more of the eggs in a spin can result in free games. T-Rex also boasts a progressive jackpot that can be randomly awarded at the end of any wagered spin.

Still Enough Room for Improvements for T-Rex 2 Slots

Sequels in mainstream and modern pop culture have always gotten a bad reputation and in the majority of cases it was and is deserved. RTG managed to avoid these pitfalls by increasing win potential, expanding upon the existing bonus material and adding an additional progressive jackpot. Making wholesale changes to something that was or is a success can be a mistake if the things that made it popular are no longer there. Online slot creators are exceptionally good at this, but RTG really managed to add new content without making any major changes in gameplay. The biggest change in gameplay was moving the wild symbol from the third reel to the first reel and making it a grouping wild.

Expanding the Chances for that Big Win on the Reels

T-Rex 2 has the same five reels and 25 paylines of the first slot and players will see that there are still scatter eggs and the Wild T-Rex symbols landing on the reels. The new egg scatter in T-Rex 2 is still required to fall on a wagered payline but players should note that the eggs no longer are required to go from left to right and can also be from right to left. The number of free spins has also been updated and now bettors are awarded 10 free games for three eggs, 20 is awarded when four eggs land on a payline and 100 free games are awarded for five eggs on a wagered payline. RTG has also added a second progressive jackpot; the progressive jackpots reset to $250 and $1,000 respectively and both are awarded randomly at the end of any wagered spin of the reels.

A Sequel that Bettors will not Want to Miss

Most sequels are rushed, if not unfinished, so they can catch some of the momentum of the original while it is still popular; most times the quality of the second is inferior due to the short time frame given to designers. The team that created T-Rex 2 tried to keep the gameplay of the original the game and instead tweaked the bonus games with a few small changes and by adding a second progressive jackpot for bettors to chase. By choosing to keep the changes small, RTG created a sequel that doesn’t need to ride the momentum of the first title. T-Rex can stand on its own two feet and give players the same excitement as the original.