Online Slots Mistakes That You Shouldn't Make

Playing real money online slots should be about fun and excitement, and to make that slots experience an even better one, there are a few things that you should maybe take into consideration when hitting the reels. These are just a few things that you should think about, there are no hard and fast rules to slots play, and some of the slots tips here you may wish to ignore, but a few you may take on board, it’s up to you!

The first thing you should know about playing online slots is that there is no such thing as online slots strategy to winning, and any article or book you read telling you that there is, well we hate to sound rude, but they’re lying. Every single online slot, no matter what theme, format and reel amount is governed by a random number generator, and that RNG is what makes each and every spin random...there is no planning around it, or getting away from that simple fact. There were a few tricks you could use on those old fashioned pub style fruit machines many years ago, but those days are long gone, and even then the designers of those slots knew about the little tricks with the holds and the nudges, as it was they who built them into the design and into the payout ratio! That’s really the first and arguably the biggest thing about slots that you should know and understand, and while they do pay out big cash amounts, and can pay more at some times than at others, it’s all random and cannot be planned for.

Limit Your Time and Switch Your Slots!

Many online slots players have a slot or maybe two, that they really do enjoy playing, maybe because it has a particular theme that they enjoy or quite possibly because the very first time they played it they won a large amount. Playing the very same slot over and over again has its downsides as you cannot expect to win on the slot every time you play it, and by playing a video slots that you are very familiar with means that you can slip into autopilot mode, and before you know it have been playing for hours, spent plenty of your bankroll, and not really enjoyed yourself. Try to mix up your slots play now and then and try out new slots, it’s not a great idea to play the same game constantly, especially when there are so many wonderful video slots available to try out.

Take Slots Bonuses

It sounds like common sense that you should be taking slots bonus offers and free slots bonus deals when they are offered, but you’d be surprised at the amount of players that simply forget to take a bonus or don’t think they want it. Slots bonuses boost your bankroll no end, and although they come with wagering requirements and playthrough amounts, there’s nothing like taking a huge balance to the slots when you’ve only made a small deposit. If you can’t see a bonus on offer when making your deposit then speak to a customer support agent on live chat and ask what’s available, there will always be something up for grabs.

One things many online slots players miss out on is the free casino cash that having multiple casino accounts can offer, and although you may feel a certain loyalty to a particular casino, having several accounts opened allows you to take the very best deals, and enjoy new and different slots a whole lot more often....and isn’t that what it’s all about?