6 Reel Slots

Slot games have changed much since their invention over 100 years ago, and 21st-century technology has sped up the pace with online gaming. Electronic slots allow developers more freedom to create unique, immersive features in games using interactive bonuses and different reel configurations. Regardless, there aren't very many slot titles with more than five reels, but a few 6-reel games do exist, and anyone looking for a different experience in their next online casino visit will want to read on.

WMS and Reel Boost

The most dominant developer of slots with six wheels is WMS, with a series of slot titles using Real Boost, an original reel layout exclusive to the company. These slots start with only two symbols in the far left reel, but each of the following five add one more character than the last reel, giving the final in the layout seven icons. This configuration differs significantly from 6-reel slots with the same value of icons in each of the six reels. This creative layout is the developer's format for several games, including Red Flag Fleet and Zeus III.

Worth the Search

Finding 6-reel slots at any online casino can be difficult, but they're worth the search for players who crave something different in their entertainment. Bettors who prefer titles with a large number of paylines or those that pay all-ways for a flat wager may find this type of game to be a good fit. These games are also more likely to have bigger paydays for six of a kind than 5-reel titles offer for five of a kind wins. The downside is that 6-reel slots generally have higher volatility than their five-reel brethren, especially the WMS slots using Reel Boost with only two symbols in the first reel.

Players Won't Want to Miss These 6-Reel Slots

Developer WMS is the big dog on this block with multiple titles using the Reel Boost technology that provides games like Red Flag Fleet and Zeus III Slots. Both offer 192 paylines of excitement and plenty of bonus features to keep players spinning the reels. Other developers, like Pragmatic Play, have done other things with six reels; Sweet Bonanza uses a system that offers payouts on all like symbols, regardless of position on the reels. Developers are finding multiple ways to use six reels to create games that have a sense of individualism.

A More Modern Slot Experience

Players looking for a slot experience that is not the traditional 5-reel video slot will appreciate what 6-reel slots have to offer. These titles can have hundreds of paylines, many with fixed betting amounts that simplify the wagering process. The creativity put into some of these titles can be immense, and players who enjoy unique experiences in everything they do may find these slots a better fit than more traditional options.