Online Slots Jackpot Guide

While the moniker "jackpot slot" defines itself, bettors new to online casino slots should know that there are several varieties of jackpots, and some are bigger and better than others. Read on to learn the basics of jackpot slots.
  • When players spin the reels in a slot with a fixed jackpot, they can expect smaller payouts than they would see in some of the progressives and other wins below. Such payouts tend to trigger within bonus features or even randomly at the end of a regular spin.
  • Slots with multiple jackpots are also available, and players may see four or five in any game. Frequently triggered by bonus games and often carrying titles like mini, minor, or grand, multi-jackpot slots are an exciting part of any slot player's online casino experience.
  • Local jackpots are often the payout for winners of in-house tournaments. Players will find that these jackpots grow with the contribution of wagers, and they almost always take place in a specific game or set of games. Limiting the number of participants by only encompassing players at a single casino, local jackpots are smaller and easier to win.
  • Progressive jackpots are specific to games, and they most often exist across multiple casinos. Players chasing jackpots need to know that there are wagering requirements associated with progressives, and payouts are typically random, triggering at the end of any spin of the reels.
  • Network jackpots, also occasionally known as pooled jackpots, stretch across countless casinos and players worldwide. Most frequently, bettors will find that pooled jackpots reach nearly every casino featuring games from a specific developer, and the wins are likely to be life-changing.

The Specifics: How Jackpots Work

Understanding the specifics of jackpot slots ensures that players qualify for the biggest, most exciting wins available in a game, at a casino, or even across a network. Below, readers can find out more about how jackpots work.
  • Regardless of type, jackpots are easier to win when bettors select games with fewer reels. Aligning the correct symbols to initiate the jackpot payout is more likely when players need three rather than five or seven. That said, gamblers will want to compare jackpot potential when choosing a game.
  • Assessing jackpot potential should also include examining the minimum and maximum wagers in a game. Jackpots will be smaller when the slots they're associated with have a minimum coin size of a penny or a nickel than they will be if the minimum is a dime or a quarter.
  • While awareness of a slot's coin sizes is essential, players should ensure that they activate every line in a game with variable paylines. Covering every line maximizes the odds of any win on the reels, not just jackpot wins.
  • Finally, multi-jackpot slots are an excellent idea for bettors who are chasing a game's biggest payouts. Much like increasing the odds of a win by covering every payline, players have a better shot at a jackpot if the slot features two, three, or four jackpot possibilities rather than just one.

The Games: Choosing the Best Jackpot Slots

Whether slots offer several jackpots, qualify as progressives, or trigger frequently, they're worth a spin or two of the reels. Below, readers will find some of this year's best-paying jackpot games.
  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming
  • Buffalo Slots by Aristocrat
  • Bonanza Slots by Big Time Gaming
  • Hall of Gods by NetEnt
  • Cleopatra by IGT
  • Aztec's Millions by Real Time Gaming
  • Monopoly Megaways by Big Time Gaming
  • Game of Thrones by Microgaming

The Payouts: How to Win in Jackpot Slots

Whether players are looking forward to chasing a local jackpot or they're craving their chance to win a network progressive, there are a few things bettors should know about qualifying for the top wins and tips to help them improve their odds on the progressive.
  • Gamblers considering a jackpot slot for the first time may want to explore the game in practice play or demo mode; this allows bettors to familiarize themselves with the title's features before risking real money. Similarly, players should read the game's paytable to understand its payout potential better.
  • Responsible jackpot seekers may want to choose a machine and wager that works well with their budget, and gamblers may even want to use autoplay to ensure they don't spend more than intended.
  • Choosing the slots with the most mid-level prizes offset the wagers that don't result in a progressive jackpot, and gamblers improve their odds when selecting titles with an RTP greater than 95 percent.
  • Finally, players should know that triggering a jackpot at a lower bet will decrease the payout value; this number isn't always relative, which means bettors may want to seek out the details of wins equaling less than 100 percent of the jackpot.

The Answers: A Short FAQ for Jackpot Slot Players

While bettors may now know a bit more about jackpot slots, we want to include the answers to a few of the most common questions asked about these exciting games.
  • Are slot machines genuinely random, and can players tell when they're about to hit? Gamblers cannot tell when a game is about to hit the jackpot, bonus round, or a payline win. Random number generators determine the symbols that land on the reels, making it nearly impossible to predict wins, big or small.
  • Do casinos guarantee fair play? Yes, random number generators generally ensure that every player has the same shot at a big win, assuming the bettor's wager qualifies for such payouts. Additionally, reputable casinos will carry the seal of a regulator like eCogra, which ensures that all play remains fair.
  • How do I claim my jackpot win? Whether players win a minor in-game jackpot or take home a pooled jackpot, the casino they were at when they won will process the payout. While exceptions to this rule may exist, bettors will receive notification of a change in the practice.