Mr Cashman Slot Game

When developer Aristocrat released the original Mr. Cashman Slots, a 3-reel electromechanical slot, to land-based casinos they believed that they had a winner; over 20 years later Mr. Cashman is still finding success as a bonus feature in the company’s modern video slot titles The bonus games are featured in some of Aristocrat’s more popular titles and was named one of the industry’s top innovations by Casino Journal in 2003. One of the mor5e popular aspects of the Mr. Cashman Bonus is the fact that the bonus plays the same on all modern Aristocrat games, giving bettors the ability to change titles without having to learn a new bonus system and makes new titles feel like old favorites.

Same Rules on All Modern Mr. Cashman Video Slot Bonus Features

The Mr, Cashman feature has been developed into an extension that can be added to almost any game that the developer releases, allowing the design teams more resources to flesh out the theme and concentrate on giving detailed attention to the graphics and soundtrack of a title. The bonuses are randomly awarded at the end of a wagered spin much like progressive jackpots are awarded but have no influence on the outcome or winnings of a regular payline wager. Since casinos have the final say on which of their slots are attached to progressive jackpots, the bonus does not have any bearing on winning the progressive jackpot and is a separate entity from any progressive jackpot that may inhabit a slot with the Mr. Cashman feature. If a bettor wins free games that do not produce a winning spin the slot will award 2X the initial payline wager that spawned the bonus game.

Five Different Bonus Games in a Single Feature

If the Mr. Cashman feature is triggered at the end of a spin, one of five bonus games is awarded to the player randomly and can contain free games with or without multipliers and cash prizes.
  • The Random Spins Bonus features Mr. Cashman walking across the play area and randomly spinning one to all of the reels and when he exits out the opposite side of the reels, Mr. Cashman may also award a multiplier of 3X, 5X or 10X to any wins that came from respinning the reels.
  • Random Prize Bonus awards a player a random prize amount that can be worth up to 25,000 coins of the same denomination as what was used to determine the wager on the spin that produced the Random Prize Bonus
  • Match the Prize Bonus allows bettors the opportunity to select the stars in the nighttime background until a match is made between two stars; players who wins five free games will also receive a 5X multiplier, 10 free spins come with a 3X multiplier, 20 freebies are given a 2X and a 40 free spin win receives no multiplier.
  • The Poker Bonus has our intrepid Mr. Cashman pulling the handle of a 3-reel slot that is filled with the numbers zero to nine on each reel and the value of the win is determined by the numbers that appear; this can net players 0 to 999 coin win.
  • The fifth and last bonus round, Choose Your Feature, has a player choose between a gift box and a bag of cash. The bag of cash can be worth up to 1,000 credits and the gift box can award 5, 10, 20 and 40 free games with either a 2X, 3X or 5X multiplier for all wins during those free games. The spins and multipliers are randomly awarded separate from each other giving players a shot at 40 free games with a 5X multiplier.

And Still Going Strong

While many bettors around the world are acquainted with Mr. Cashman, Australian gamblers have make the character something of a national icon in the industry. While none of the five bonus games are still considered cutting-edge, they have succeeded in standing the test of time in an industry that is now changing at an incredible rate. They may have even had a hand in solidifying the free game, multiplier and cash prize trifecta that are the base standard of many bonus features that exist today. The spreading of online casino gaming is bringing Mr. Cashman out of Australia and into the world-wide betting spotlight where he belongs.