New Bitcoin Mobile Slot Released

Bitcoins continue to make advances into the world of online gambling and the latest development is the release of the Betcoin Bitcoin Entertainment Networks new mobile slot Betcoin Reels. The new slot means that slots players who have Bitcoins may use them to enjoy it and it will also be the very first mobile slots that accepts Litecoin credits. The company behind the slot, Betcoin, have stated that the HTML5 slot may be played from all mobile devices and has a cool jackpot of 1,000 coins, with James Mason from Betcoin adding that, "BetCoin also plans to release additional HTML5 games and roll-out a complete mobile web app casino that will support a range of alternate currencies."

It's another step in the right direction for the virtual currency Bitcoin however it has yet to make its mark with any major operator, and this is not likely to happen for sometime. The continuing swings in value of Bitcoin make it extremely hard to predict and this in itself has put many potential users and merchants off the idea of using it. It is of course still early days and anything could happen, however it's online and mobile casino games players who really lead the way with developments such as this, and if operators feel that they are simply wasting time and effort in implementing something that players will not use then it has little hope.