Mobile Gaming Outpaces PC Play at Online Casinos

Countries Around the World Slots have seen a marked increase in the amount of mobile devices used to work, learn and even play; in fact, the use of smartphones and tablets to enjoy the fun at online casinos has finally outpaced the use of desktop and laptop computers. Because the massive gain in mobile use, online casinos and their counterparts have been left with no choice but to keep up with the new trend or get shut out of the business completely.

Double Down Casino Sold After Falling Profits

One of the most noticeable changes that has occurred since gamblers decided, collectively, that they prefer to enjoy their favorite casino games on a mobile device is one that hit the once-popular, social media-driven Double Down Casino hard in the pocketbook. With a major decrease in revenue in 2016, Double Down owner, International Game Technology opted to get out while they could and sold the enterprise to a South Korean company for $285 million last April. Double Down Casino once entertainment social media users by offering a full slate of casino play that featured games like video poker, blackjack, roulette, poker, bingo and slots.

Single-Genre Play Gaining Popularity

The sale of Double Down Casino marked clearly the line between a preference for mobile play over PC play. It may not even really be that players prefer mobile gaming that offers just one genre, like slots for instance, but that it is simply easier in an age when the majority of people find it simpler to just their smartphones and tablets for everything. After all, gamblers who play slots 90 percent of the time probably do not wish to devote the often limited memory capacity of a mobile device to blackjack, roulette and other games that they rarely or never play.

Supporting this idea are the results of a Super Data poll that indicates that social casino players using a mobile device has risen to 85 percent, while the number of people using a computer has fallen below 50 percent. The numbers for those who have played strictly using their computer have also dropped dramatically; in one year, computer-only gamblers at social casino sites have fallen from 15 percent to just 6 percent.

The Details Behind the Mobile Craze

One of the major reasons that mobile play has increased so dramatically in recent months is the fact that both smartphones and tablets are becoming less expensive; even as prices plummet, the amount of memory and screen sizes of the said devices continue to increase. Simply put, the falling cost of mobile everything is making it easier and more affordable to play in such a fashion. Other trends, including one that suggests that non-casino games are growing in popularity with the improvement in mobile devices, are also impacting the change. Simply put, when gamblers play, they play on a mobile platform. However, the fact remains that mobile or otherwise, online casino play has decreased in popularity when compared with some of the other free games that have come to dominate the market.