5G Technology and Online Gaming

In today’s modern society, the speed of communication has affected the world in many ways and online casino gaming is a part of the online experience that has taken advantage of the increases in speed. The early days of online betting in the 90s was at first limited to horse racing and sports betting but quickly expanded to slot play as the speed of the internet and other technologies allowed. Even today, increases in speed and graphics are still finding ways to improve the online betting experience and with 5G speeds to be expanded greatly during 2019 and 2024, the online casino industry will find ways to use the new technology to improve online casino play Many in the industry say this next jump in communication speed may give online casinos the ability to mimic the play at a live land-based casino.

Continued Improvement in Casino Graphics

While internet speeds have a direct affect on how well casino performs online, higher speeds also have a secondary effect; faster internet speeds increase the amount of information that can be transferred and that includes the increase in graphics and gameplay that make the online experience more and more realistic. The continuing advancements of virtual reality and data speeds may one day make online play as realistic has any land-based casino play but without the all you can eat buffets that reside in and around land casinos.

Live Table Games and 5G Technology

The biggest improvements that online bettors may see will be with live dealer table games where players are encouraged to communicate with dealers and in some instances, other players. The faster speeds will also affect players in other areas of the online casino, including slot titles and video poker by creating an atmosphere that is similar to a land-based experience The new technology is not without flaws and the implementation of the technology will have some difficulties; the new faster cellular speeds do not have the same wireless reach of the 4G technology used today and will require building more towers in areas that are not as densely densely populated as large cities and universities.

The Future of Online Casino Play

The jump from 4G speeds to 5G may not be seen as the innovation it is for most internet users, but 5G has an average speed 20 times greater than the average speed of current 4G technology. This increase in speed will affect many sites and activities on the internet but it will change online betting more than most activities by moving away from table game software and using just live dealers at online casinos. Slot players who have not made the jump to instant play and still use downloadable casino software will soon be forced to change as the speed of the internet makes whole casino downloads unnecessary.