Federal Approval/Legislation could be voided with new Nevada Proposal

If you live in Nevada you can play online poker if you wish, however, living outside of the state you will not be able to play online poker.

Things might change because of a new proposal that could see online interstate poker become a reality and it won't need approval or federal legislation.

If this new measure comes into effect the governor will have the final say with regard to offering other states options to be able to join a share in the player pool.

A bill has been drafted and submitted to legislature. It states that the Nevada Gaming Control Board wants to change the language of the 'interactive gaming regulatory' so that the governor has options to be able to discuss agreements with states that already have legalized online poker. If it passes then the states will be able join up together to be able to offer big interstate player pool.

At present the regulations for interactive gaming in a state can only allow online gaming to those that are in the state borders.

The suggested changes to the Assembly Bill 5 could turn this around. The Control Board had consultations with the Governor's office and the bill was drafted to see if this option could become a reality.

Chairman of the Nevada Control Board, A. G. Burnett stated Monday that the bills language is beneficial for the state because the Congress is not going to offer federal legislation for the legalization of online poker options. Several states are getting on board creating legislation for their states for online gambling. A. G. Burnett has stated that it was paramount for the way to be made clear for the governor's ability to be able to negotiate agreements, he was also not sure of there were specific negotiations at present.

At this stage there are currently 17 casino operators and technological providers that have received approval for interactive license in the state, and there are more approvals in the pipeline right now. It is hoped that the online poker sites in Nevada will be ready by spring should the measure be passed, the state could then offer online gambling choices for out of state gamers.