Colorado Now Considers Online Gambling

According to several reports Colorado is considering regulating online gambling, much in the same way that Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada have done. In a recent interview with the Denver Post, Troy Stremming of Pinnacle Entertainment stated that, "This is something we are monitoring very closely." Pinnacle gaming own the Ameristar Black Hawk the state's largest casino and Mr Stremming continued with, "Internet gaming continues to evolve state-by-state, and through ever-changing technology, with respect to Colorado, when there is a piece of legislation to review, we can make decisions based on whether or not participation will be beneficial to the company."

There's concern in the state regarding the effect that online gambling will have on the state's land based casinos and Lois Rice Executive Director of the Colorado Gaming Association stated that, "We had talked very late in last year's session with some legislators who were interested in pursuing it, we're still exploring it." Republican Kevin Priola is clearly behind that idea and wants Colorado to be involved from the off, stating that, "My thought and some others' thoughts were, let's have Colorado as close to the starting line as we can possibly be because as soon as the gates open, I think there are only going to be a few states that are going to have enough scale to make it work," He is clearly talking about poker and player liquidity which is causing some concern in both Nevada and Delaware, and also suggesting that should Colorado embrace online gaming then they would be interested in compacts with other states of a similar attitude towards the subject of online gambling.