Profits of Table Games Go Down In Pennsylvania

For the third time in a row the profits earned from the 11 gambling halls in the state of Pennsylvania have declined. There are many different reasons and explanations that casino bosses are using to justify this decline from the increase in table games month by month, there are now nearly 1100 different gambling tables around the state and last month there were less than 980 or the fact that February had an extra day and so on. But the truth of the matter is that with a decline of 2.1% in casino table revenues the casinos of Pennsylvanian that were allowed to introduce table games from 2010 only need to start working out ways to increase their revenues especially as further casinos are planned over the next few years. In addition to the decline in the table game revenues, there is also a dramatic decline in overall revenues and profits, registering at over 7% for all casino games. The state of Pennsylvania supports the casinos and in fact draws a local tax from them so they need to work with the casino bosses in trying to find ways to improve the overall revenues of the casinos and continue to promote safe and fair gambling to all of its legible residents.