New Slots Player Wins €17k on First Deposit

BitStarz Casino
Slots players often dream about winning big when they first start playing. But does it happen? Yes, and we have a recent tale of beginner's luck to prove it.

A new player at Bitstarz casino made a deposit and managed to win €17,000 shortly thereafter. Her win occurred on the cowboy themed slot Dead or Alive, which is famed for either paying big or rarely paying at all. This volatility can be frustrating sometimes, but not for our lucky beginner, who hit a €17k payout right away.

"I'm delighted to see yet another big winner here at BitStarz and wins like this really shows that anyone has the possibility of landing a big win at any time," said Kate Garber, marketing manager at BitStarz. "I wish to congratulate the lucky winner and I hope we'll see some more big winners soon!"

Garber spoke to the player about what she plans to do with the money. As of now, she doesn't have any idea what she'll do with the extra €17,000. But with summer here, we can imagine that she'll be thinking about a nice vacation somewhere.

The Ultimate Tale of Beginner's Luck

The €17,000 that the first-time depositor won is definitely an impressive payout. But if you want the biggest example of beginner's luck ever, then consider the story of an Illinois man who won a $21.3 million slots jackpot. The business consultant was at Caesars Palace and decided to deposit $10 into a Megabucks game at Caesars Palace. On his very first spin, he won a $21,346,952 jackpot and became rich beyond his wildest dreams.

It's certainly not always this easy to win $21.3 million - or even €17k - when you first begin playing slots. But until you start playing, you never know what you'll be able to win. The nice thing is that it doesn't take long at all to create an account and make a deposit at BitStarz and other online casinos. Once you do this, you'll be able to play for life-changing amounts of money right away.

About BitStarz Casino

BitStarz features a large variety of slots from a number of different software providers. They also accept many different types of currency for deposits, including Bitcoin. BitStarz Casino is always looking to add new slots so that players have as many options as possible when trying to win big. This is a large reason why they've received top ratings in many different casino reviews.