Slots Wins Come Bigger but they Don´t Come Much Faster!

Liberty Slots Casino , powered by the leading slots development company of WGS and welcoming US players has seen more than enough big slots winners over the years, however it wasn´t the size of player Michael B´s win that shocked them, it was the time in which he did it. Regular slots spinner Michael headed to the cashier and made a $100 deposit and after choosing to spin the reels of the excellent 5 reel and 25 payline Funky Chicken Slots he settled in for his slots session, however he didn´t settle for long!

Spinning at bets of $3.75 it wasn´t long before Michael triggered the freespins bonus round, a round in which the big multipliers really do make a difference. His balance was soon at the $1,000 mark and that´s when he upped the bets and went for slots gold. At increasing bets of $12, $25 and finally all the way up to $200 each spin, his balance was growing nicely before he hit the freespins yet again. Spinning at that $200 level with stacks of freespins and big multipliers sure will do wonders for your slots balance, and in a total of just 25 minutes, Michael had turned that $100 deposit into a staggering $38,000!

Liberty Slots manager Mark Ramirez was surprised, not at the amount but at the speed stating that at the $200 level the big wins do add up saying that, “Once you hit the free spin multiplier at that level on this game you´re winning some serious money.” What a wonderful fast slots win that is and if you fancy hitting the feature rich Funky Chicken with a whole load of freespins and bonus cash then there´s a special July bonus available, with Liberty Slots bonus code CHICKENSPINS serving up 100 free spins of the reels and a massive 200% match deposit bonus. We´re not saying that you´ll go all the way up to that massive $38K mark....but you never know!