2UP Game

Sometimes the wide scope of games that can be wagered on seems staggering; after all, it is virtually impossible to have tried them all. 2UP, for example, is a unique Australian game that gamblers often overlook. Dating back to the late 1700s and traditionally played on Anzac Day, 2UP provides gamblers with an interesting game that can be played by anyone but mastered by very few.

The Basics of 2UP

Gamblers choosing to play 2UP will quickly discover that the game is largely based on a person who is called the Spinner. This individual tosses two pennies in the air, and players bet on whether those coins will land heads up, tails up or with one of each facing up. While the game seems relatively simple on the surface, over two centuries of play have created quite of few intricacies in terms of rules and terminology.

Learning the Language of 2UP

There are quite a few words and phrases that are unique to the game of 2UP, and it's important for potential players to be aware of the game's language and the meaning behind it. Some of the most popular words players will hear when discussing 2UP include school, which simply refers to the collective group of players enjoying the game, ring, which describes the area designated for the tossing of the coins, boxer, which refers to the person who manages the betting in the game and ring keeper, which refers to the person keeping track of the coins after the toss to avoid interference or loss. Heads, tails, odds, odding out and barred all refer to the coins and how they land while single head, single tail, spinners bet and five odds are all used to describe bets placed on the outcome of the coins after the spinner tosses them.

Game Play in 2UP

When a game of 2UP begins, players often welcome the spinner to the area of play with the greeting, "Come in Spinner!" and this is the signal that starts the game. The real fun begins when the spinner tosses the coins, and players need to know what different sets of circumstances with those coins mean. Should both coins land heads up, the spinner wins, while both landing heads down means the spinner loses his or her bet and will be allowed to spin again. Finally, odds, when one coin lands face up and the other face down dictates another toss for the spinner.

Variations in the Rules

Local custom and other factors can create differences in the rules of 2UP, making it important for players to educate themselves on what may or may not happen after the coins leave the hands of the spinner. This once illegal game has been modified to accommodate several different groups of players, which could leave those trying it for the first time facing rules other than those which have been described here.

Give 2UP a Try Today

Whether you bring together a group of friends, designate a spinner and play 2UP on your own or you come across a version of it in an online casino, 2UP is definitely one game that nearly every gambler will love to play. Check it out today.