Wolf Gold Slots Pays Out Big at BitStarz

BitStarz Casino
Many bettors at BitStarz Casino have been spinning the reels of Wolf Gold Slots hoping to be the lucky player to win big on the slot with such large potential. Wolf Gold is a Pragmatic Play release that has been popular since its debut at the casino; the excitement is based on the three progressive jackpots that the game features. On October 27th, it finally paid off big for one bettor when he turned a small deposit into a $93,632 payday in a single gaming session.

A Deposit of Only $78

The player, who prefers to remain anonymous, deposited $78 into his account at the casino to give the slot title a spin and get a look at the game that was creating such a buzz at the casino. At the end of the impromptu gaming session, the player had a bankroll of a whopping $93,632; a total return of over 1,000X the initial deposit to the casino. While this is the biggest amount won on the slot title, many, including staff at Bitstarz, believe that Wolf Gold will eventually see a larger payout. This is mainly due to the combination of big win potential that the slot holds and the large number of players who are betting on the popular slot game.

Three Progressive Jackpots Bring Excitement

Wolf Gold is a fixed 25-payline game with an American Southwest theme that features an interesting scatter bonus. When the scatter is triggered, reels two, three and four turn into a single symbol and five free spins are awarded with the three reels locked in place. The starting values of the three progressive jackpots are 7,500, 25,000 and 250,000 coins, giving this title a big win feel from the first spin.

BitStarz Accepts Many Forms of Deposit

BitStarz Casino offers slot titles from several game developers to provide a wide variety of titles for those who play at the casino. BitStarz is also one of the most popular casinos that accepts multiple types of currency and is an industry leader in the bitcoin casino market. Srdjan Kapor, Marketing Manager at BitStarz had this to say, “There’s just something about Wolf Gold that our players love, and I can’t really seem to figure out exactly what it is. With that being said, I knew it was gonna pay out big eventually and I guess today it did!” After a win of this size, it seems that all the excitement for game was warranted and that players should give this game a look if they haven’t already done so.