Progressive Jackpot Won at Bovada Casino

On January 10th of this year, a slot player at Bovada Casino won a $155,000 progressive jackpot on the slot title Strike Gold Slots. The woman, who wishes to be remain anonymous, watched three game logos line up perfectly on the center and only payline of the three-reeled slot title. The woman, an experienced player, was able to maximize her potential on the game and walked away with the big prize that a less-experienced player may have missed out on.

Single Payline Gives a Big Win

The woman was wagering a $1 on each spin of the reels when she hit her big payday; by playing with two $0.50 coins instead of a single $1 coin, the player qualified for the title's progressive jackpot and gave herself a chance at the big payday. The single $1 coin played per spin would have disqualified the player for the progressive jackpot and the win would have only been worth 2,000 coins, a payout of $2,000, instead of the $155,000 that was won.

Understanding the Requirements for a Progressive Jackpot

Most slot games that feature a progressive jackpot have minimum betting requirements to qualify for the game's top prize. While some have a minimum bet per spin, titles can also have a multiple coin bet requirement, regardless of the coin size. By betting two $0.50 coins instead of the single $1 coin, the Bovada player saw a $155,000 payday versus the $2,000 she would have won if she had been playing with the single coin. The players ability to strategize her bets netted her an extra $153,000 that she could have easily left in the slot.

Chasing Progressive Jackpots

Bettors that play slot titles with progressive jackpots understand that the odds of winning that large of a prize are quite long; they also do it because they truly love the thrill of the chase. Any punter spinning the reels of a progressive slot should carefully check all requirements for a progressive jackpot win. While the progressive jackpot on Strike Gold Slots was reset with the player's win, Bovada Casino has many titles that currently have large progressive jackpots waiting to be won; some are even worth over a million dollars. Players who understand the requirements may only have a small chance at winning the coveted prize, players who do not know the requirements may have no chance at all.