A Night With Cleo Slots Strikes Again

A Night With Cleo Slots raised eyebrows for its mature content, but now it is now drawing a different kind of attention. Laura L. from California won the title’s progressive jackpot, marking the fifth big win in the game since the beginning of the year; earlier this year, four different bettors won a total of almost $1 million in A Night With Cleo Slots.

A Regular Player at Slots.LV Casino

Laura has been playing at Slots.LV Casino for some time; on the evening of the big win, Laura was wagering the default bet of $2.00 per spin. The progressive jackpot attached to A Night With Cleo is completely random and is awarded after any given spin. Following one of her spins, Laura saw a text box on her screen telling her that she had just been awarded $251,385 progressive jackpot. This jackpot was an extremely large win for such a small bet, proving that gamblers do not necessarily need to wager large amounts of money to receive a huge win.

Controversy Over the Game’s Release

A Night With Cleo Slots and its adult content made some in the industry nervous. This was the first slot made by a major developer to possess a mature theme. The bonus game is a pick-and-win feature; players who make the correct picks of the symbols will watch Cleo remove her veils until she is naked from the waist up. The game also awards free spins and has a double of northing betting feature.

Slots.LV Offers More Than Just A Night With Cleo

Slots.LV Casino has been providing high-quality online gaming to many players for a long time and is respected by those in the industry. Slots.LV has an immense library of game titles, including slots, table games and specialty options. The promotions team at Slots.LV can help bettors make the most of their online casino budget. The progressive jackpot in A night With Cleo has been reset, but there are plenty of other choices available to those looking for their own win in a progressive game. Despite the fact that the progressive jackpot has been reset, A Night With Cleo is a slot title that possesses a great amount of winning potential for gamblers across the globe.